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Dental care is important for the health and wellness of our pets, just as it is for us! Dogs and cats can suffer from a variety of oral health problems, from mild gingivitis to severe periodontal disease, cavities, infected tooth roots, oral tumors and more. Our veterinarians can provide the care needed to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and pain free. While anesthesia can be frightening prospect for many pet owners, our veterinarians are trained to asses each pets health needs and tailor an anesthetic plan best suited for them. Call today to schedule a consult to discuss your pet’s oral health care needs!

“Just a small note of thanks for the kindness you’ve shown to me and my little boy dogs over the years. you’ll never know how much your friendly greetings meant each time we were in. thank you again!”


“Just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you did for Zoey. This was a very tough time for us and your kindness and gentleness in taking care of Zoey meant the world to us. Knowing she was in your hands made me feel so much better. I can’t thank you enough for the 24 hour service, makes me feel so much better knowing I can get help at any time. You are a wonderful doctor and god bless you with all the work you do.”

Shannon Key

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