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Expert Pet Care

Our mission is to treat every pet with kindness and compassion. Our goal is to meet all of the needs of your pet while providing an exceptional client experience. We are a full service animal hospital offering complete care for your pet. We have doggy daycare, extended stay boarding, and full service grooming.

Doctors see appointments from 9am to 12pm in the mornings and 3pm to 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and 3pm to 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturdays appointments are available from 9am to 2pm.

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3667 Paxton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45208
Phone: 513.321.7387

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you did for Zoey. This was a very tough time for us and your kindness and gentleness in taking care of Zoey meant the world to us. Knowing she was in your hands made me feel so much better. I can’t thank you enough for the 24 hour service, makes me feel so much better knowing I can get help at any time. You are a wonderful doctor and god bless you with all the work you do.”

Shannon Key

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you do for us. Especially, when chewy decided to eat the bone aisle at the grocery store. Working with you on a daily basis, I see your love and compassion for the animals and I truly felt your concern for Chewy when he needed it. You made me feel calm and special by giving me your own number to use if needed. You will never know what that meant to me! Thank you for everything you do.”

Stephanie Massey

“We are so pleased with the outcome of Mocha’s surgery. You all took amazing care of her and treated her as your own! We feel blessed that she was in your care and has come so far! We know she will be in excellent care again while we are out of town. Thank you for everything!”

Dawn Perry

“Thank you for taking such great care of Stella this weekend. We really appreciate the fact that you took x-rays and knew exactly how to help her and save her life. We knew she was in good hands when you were with her. Thanks for answering all our questions too. We are so thankful she is better!”

Lindsay Jarrett

“We want to thank you for your quick thinking and proactive response to Drew’s condition. While we know we still have a ways to go – we feel that your actions have greatly improved his condition. He looks and acts like his old self! He’s happy, comfortable, and eating and drinking normally. We are confident that we will be able to continue to help him recover. Thank you!”

Kristine Lepore

“Dr. Frick, you are amazing and all the staff at Eastgate Animal Hospital are talented, patient, and fantastic people. Your wealth of knowledge and care for Lilly pre, post and during her surgery is irreplaceable. Words cannot describe how grateful and appreciative I am for everything you and your staff have done for our family. We are truly blessed to have you to care for our pets.”

Jenny Kingery

“Dr. Goode we wanted to thank you and your staff for your professionalism, compassion, and care in dealing with our golden retriever Ellie. We have always been happy with the care at Eastgate Animal Hospital, from the time Ellie was a puppy until her final days. We will continue to refer other families to this wonderful practice that is available 7 days a week. Thanks again.”

Melissa Essell

“Dr. Hall – Thank you so much for helping Cali. To you, you may just be doing your job, but to us, you saved her life. We are very thankful to have you there. You are an amazing doctor and we will always be grateful!!”

Shaley Thompson

“We would like to thank each member of the Eastgate Animal Hospital staff for all of your care and kindness. Each of you treated Orin as if he was a member of your family and even though he was a “grumpy ole man” you were always gentle and caring. Our family appreciates each of you. Thank you.”

Joann Ellis

“Thank you to all the staff at Eastgate Animal Hospital for all the years of service and being there for our family at the end of our furry families lives. May you all be as blessed as you all have blessed us.”

Kim Newcomb

“Thank you Dr. Phillips for the excellent care you give my Jessie. Thank you for communicating to me your treatment plans for her. I truly did not understand, as you lost me the minute I realized you found something wrong. As ever, I completely trust you, and have complete confidence in you. You have always cared for my dogs as if they were your own. Thank you!”

Jill Watkins

“Thank you Dr. Phillips for the excellent care you give my Jessie. Thank you for communicating to me your treatment plans for her. I truly did not understand, as you lost me the minute I realized you found something wrong. As ever, I completely trust you, and have complete confidence in you. You have always cared for my dogs as if they were your own. Thank you!”

Jill Watkins

“I would like to thank you Dr. Frick and your staff at Eastgate Animal Hospital for the care you showed towards my cat Max. I would especially like to thank you, Dr. Phillips and Dr. Goode. I was extremely worried about Max’s well-being when I found out he had a bladder blockage and had to have PU surgery. Your staff thoroughly explained what the surgery entailed and what to expect afterwards. I am happy to say Max has healed nicely. He is happy, healthy, and back to his usual self! I am very appreciative to you and all your staff for everything you did to help Max.”

Janelle Jasontek

“We would like to express our very sincere gratitude to you all for your kindness, friendliness, and expert care you gave to our Scooby Doo and to our family over the almost 14 years she had been visiting you. All of you have touched us in one way or another and even the smallest little act can mean more than you know. Dr. Phillips you have gone out of your way for Scooby on many occasions and it means so much to us.”

Mike & Cheryl Henson

“My family and I want to thank you for the exceptional care, treatment, and compassion you provided to us and our dog Shelby during her battle with cancer and her final days. We cannot thank you enough for the surgery and care that gave Shelby an additional 6 months with us that was really a special time for the family. When it was time to bring Shelby in to be euthanized the entire staff seemed to be aware Shelby was coming in and we were treated by everyone with great respect, consideration, and compassion. I cannot begin to thank you enough. Even her last day has very positive memories of the way she was handled. Please except my thanks to the entire staff for making the entire experience in dealing with Eastgate Animal Hospital an excellent one with great memories.”

Matt Kelly

“I have been coming to Eastgate Animal Hospital for about the last 6 months. We adopted our dog through Cincinnati Lab Rescue and they host their adoption events at Eastgate. Our pup had some health issues, and after taking him to a veterinary hospital very close to our home, we were no closer to finding the cause of our dog’s issues. We decided to visit Eastgate again, and even though a bit further of a drive for us, it is 100% worth it. Thanks to Dr. Hall and then entire staff, our dog is now happy and healthy! They are truly a compassionate team and we continue to be a part of our lives. They see our new dog now every few months at no charge for his recheck simply to ensure the medication and dose is effective. In addition, they recommended a dog trainer who we ultimately hired and cannot say enough good things about. We have also boarded our dog here on a couple of occasions, which we have been quite happy with. I cannot say enough good things about EAH – they have given our dog a quality of life he would not have had otherwise, and given us peace of mind and support through a challenging journey. Thank you!!”

Tawnya Underwood

“We love the doctors and staff here! We always feel at home and our pooch is taken care of! Won’t go anywhere else!”

Kellen Mullen

“Great vets!!!! I’ve been going there for over ten years. They can handle small health issues to life saving health problems. They saved two of our cats from dying.”

Tammy Kay
“The doctors are great, everyone is always really friendly! They care about my pets like they are their own. I love taking my crew here.”
Tiffani Gunter

“We have been with Eastgate Animal Hospital over a number of years with animals in various stages of life, from beginning to end. We have never had anything less than tremendous service. Their care for our animals has always been first rate. Highly recommend.”

Renee Brown

“I’ve taken all my cats to Eastgate Animal Hospital for 20 years. All their veterinarians and staff are top notch. They are caring, courteous, and they take the time to listen to me and answer questions. They all seem to love what they do and the animals. It doesn’t matter if you bring in your pet(s) for a simple exam or an emergency, they are wonderful. I highly recommend them for the best care of your pets.”

Lori Crable

“The doctors, vet techs, and office staff at Eastgate Animal Hospital are truly amazing. They saved my diabetic cat by offering me options and coaching me through how to give insulin and fluids. With their support, he has recovered from diabetic ketoacidosis. I would have certainly lost him if it were not for their knowledge and care. Thank you for saving my fluffy black cat!”

Kendra Herdtner

“Just a small note of thanks for the kindness you’ve shown to me and my little boy dogs over the years. you’ll never know how much your friendly greetings meant each time we were in. thank you again!”


“Dr. Goode – you are just an amazing doc with a huge and caring heart! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Halo during surgery and all her appointments. I was so calm knowing you were there! Halo loves you and knows she is blessed as do I! Thanks for being an amazing person and always going the extra mile.”

Lena Bhargava

“Dr. Goode – Thank you so much for everything you did for Charlie. If it wasn’t for you insisting that surgery was the route to go, I don’t think he would be here today with us. He healed so well and is so happy to be home with his sister pup. He wouldn’t be here today without you! We can’t thank you enough!”

Ellie Rogers

“Words just cannot express our gratitude for your meticulous care and heart felt concern for our sweet Belle over the years. This process has been so difficult, yet each and every one of you was extraordinary in your assistance and approach. We just wanted to make sure you know that your compassion was greatly appreciated and that it did not go unnoticed.”

Kathy Sparks

“You have been a most appreciated part of our family and your recent support means the world to us. Kind, approachable, non-judgy, quality care, friendly, and responsive. Thank you!”

Sandy Dunphy

“Your kindness throughout the last ten years has sustained us all, whether times called for routine care, specialized treatment, or just a reassuring voice during the darkest times. We will remain thankful for your compassion and humanity throughout their lives.”

Ginger Roth

“Thank you Tiffany so much for the paw print. It looks great! I really appreciate you doing that and getting it done so quickly. Thank you for being compassionate about how important this was to me. It’s much appreciated.”

Shylin McDaniel

“We want to say thank you for all the help that each of you gave us and the help and all the work you did for our baby. You guys did more for us and our dog in the past few days then the old vet office did in a year. Pisces was very special because she helped our daughter stay strong while fighting cancer. Thank you for letting my daughter have that extra time with her baby. We cannot thank you all enough for all the help and love each person showed us. Thank you all so much!”

The Barkers

“There are no words to express my sincere appreciation I have for all of you. Your dedication and love that you have for all animals you care for is truly to be commended. I know that every time I would bring Dakota in he would put on a show and be Mr. Drama and show his stubborn side.. lay down and refuse to move. He really loved the attention you gave him. Please know that deep down he know you were all helping hid I knew he was getting the best care. Thank you to Dr. Hall for trying your best to help Dakota and for helping me get him across the Rainbow Bridge. I am also so very grateful to Dr. Frick for repairing Dakota’s leg last spring. To Tiffany, thank you so much for coming to my home and staking Dakota’s stitches our and for helping me get him in the care a few times so I could get him to his checkups. I cannot tell all of you how much your kindness meant to me and to Dakota.”

Jean Smith

“Thank you Tiffany for going out of your way to help me with the Animal Health Screening Forms for Jessie. You are so sweet!”

Jill Watkins

“This place is wonderful, clean and doctor and staff very friendly. Take care of both my dogs Rex and Winston here.. HAPPY”

Michelle Kayser

“They take great care of my babies, my dogs. Dr. Frick makes sure they are always taken care of to my satisfaction every time.”

Angela Payne

“Very friendly staff!”

McKenzie Knutsman

“After years of bringing my animals to another vet in the area, I made the switch to Eastgate Animal Hospital. I trust them with all things when it comes to my animals. Their compassion, empathy, and communication are excellent. I’ll never take my animals to another practice.”

Trisha Spence

“Great caregivers.”

Sharon Weber

“We will never go to another vet again but Eastgate. These are truly the best care for your pet. Every time we need to go there the staff treats you like family. I strongly suggest Eastgate Animal Hospital to everyone. You will get quality compassionate care for your pet. We love this place and the people.”

Dennis Camp

“We started coming here after adopting from Cincinnati Lab Rescue. We wanted to stay with the docs that had saved our puppy and knew her issues. Now we stay because they are such a great group of docs. I’m always able to get questions answered on the phone and able to get an appointment quickly when needed. I’ve met all of the doctors at this point and they are all wonderful! Definitely recommend this practice.”

Lori Martin

“This is the Best of the Best! Very great and friendly staff. For 8 years I have brought Max to Dr. Frick and Max actually gets excited to go see him and the rest of the staff. I appreciate their great care and service.”

Lana Griswold

“I’ve been a client here since 2003 and I’ve always been impressed with their care and professionalism. Through numerous injuries and multiple surgeries, the doctors and staff have given my dog excellent care and have been absolutely awesome to me. Just this week I called needing an appointment in a hurry, they squeezed me in just about 2 hours later. I would never consider taking my pets anywhere else. I can’t thank them enough for the excellent care they have given my pups (& the cat too). As long as I have a pet, this will be the vet I use.”

Dave Hopper

“I have had several vets in the past but for the past 13 years I’ve chosen to stay with Eastgate Animal Hospital for several reasons. Dr. Phillips has a quirky personality and I like that. He doesn’t sugarcoat his words or the situation and I appreciate that. Dr. Frick is, in my opinion, the best surgeon you would ever want to have and also a very compassionate vet. The office Staffers help you to the best of their ability and the Office Manager, Tiffany, is the best.”

Debbie Weeks

“This is an excellent clinic! The doctors are the best and the staff is great in all of their duties and responsibilities. There is a genuine friendliness and concern for you and your fur-babies in any situation that warrants you seeking their care. I will recommend this clinic to any and every one!”

Kim West

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We are a full service animal hospital offering complete care for your pet. Let our nurturing and experienced doctors and staff provide you and your pet the compassionate and caring service that you expect and deserve.

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