Our groomer Sherry, is highly experienced with a variety of animals' grooming needs! From toenail trims to ear cleanings and lion cuts to puppy cuts, she can help you care for your pet's coat and skin.

Need a medicated bath? No problem. Does your rabbit or guinea pig need a toe nail trim?
Sherry cares for cats, dogs, and pocket pets.      
She has even done extensive work with several breeds of AKC-registered show dogs! 

She and her husband, Chris, have teamed up to offer your pet a spa-like experience at Eastgate Animal Hospital. All grooming appointment cats and dogs must be up to date on vaccines.  For your convenience, one of our veterinarians can vaccinate your pet on the day of grooming. We can also accommodate if your pet needs sedation for grooming.
For a personalized estimate or for more information on Sherry's services, please call today.